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What should my child wear to their first class?

Children should be comfortable and wear clothing suitable for exercise. Dancers are required to wear a white or black polo shirt, white or black shorts, socks and black plimsolls or ballet pumps. When necessary Katie will advise the best places to purchase dance shoes and other equipment.



Will I be able to remain at classes?

Katie encourages parents to remain at their child's first class in order to ensure they are settled and happy in the environment. After this point children should arrive at class ten minutes before class starts with full attire, with a bottle of water/juice, and picked up at the finish of each lesson. Food is not permitted during class time unless under special circumstances, and any mobile phones should be handed to Katie at the start of the class, and will be returned at the end in order to prevent distraction.



Does it matter if my child has never danced before?

Not at all. Katie has experience teaching children from ages 3-15, plus young adults age 16+, and older adults in specialised classes with ranging ability. Whatever ability and previous experience your child has, we will be able to advise and nurture your child towards becoming an excellent irish dancer.



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