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Katie started dancing at the age of four, after being encouraged by her mother and aunts who all danced under the tuition of Terry and Nancy Bowler for many years. Katie competed  under The Legend that was Tony Tyrell for a few years before joining the Fryday academy at age 8. She attained Open level dancing status, and won medals at both National and International competition within figure and ceili dancing. Her highest achievement during this time was 3rd at the World Championships in Belfast in 2012. During this time Katie discovered her passion for teaching Irish dancing, and began thinking of her own ideas and choreography for the future.

In early 2013 Katie began dancing under the tuition of Rachel Mulvihill T.C.R.G and former Riverdance cast member. In the time she danced with Rachel they achieved Katie's highest ever placings at major championships, as well as podium places in Open Championships at regular Feisenna. Rachel allowed Katie to assist at the academy after retiring from competitive dancing in November 2014, and supported Katie in taking her T.C.R.G exam.

Katie passed her T.C.R.G exam in June 2015 in Cork and decided she would open 'J.A.D LDN' in SE London in February 2016, bringing the tradition and skill of Irish dancing with small classes, 1:1 Tuition and the ability to further children's ability from beginners to champions.

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